An Interview with Digital Artist Sirio Berati

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A native of Albania, Sirio is a visual and digital artist whose work focuses mainly on video production and portrait photography. He aims to tackle the notion of identity within his artwork with an emotional narrative. Sirio is currently pursuing his higher education in Montreal, Canada where he continues to experiment with visual arts and more, such as music.

With several notable awards and publications to his name already, such asĀ Vogue, Sirio has made quite a name for himself in the art world at a young age.

Do you have a specific routine when starting a new project?

Usually, I go up a hill, somewhere with no people, quiet and beautiful.

With a unique perspective, Sirio’s work channels his own experiences with self-development and culture. Showcasing many natural elements, he captures the beauty of life through his photographic work.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your projects?

Books, other artists, and retro/vintage style photography.Ā There are many artists that inspire my Instagram work, one of them to some extent is Alessio Albi. I love his warm tones and his approach to photography.

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What is your go-to editing software?

Photoshop and Lightroom. They are complementary to each other and imperative to deliver a professional feeling to my photography. Especially Lightroom. It has helped me to develop my very first preset pack called A Series (made up of 6 unique retro presets) which allows me to establish a unique effect to my photographs setting me apart from the crowd out there.

Introducing digital artist, Sirio Berati in our series of Printi interviews to provide an in depth look into creative individuals design processes.

This piece in itself talks about dreams that often are a substitute to reality. A man to man conflict is established where the character fights itself in order to reach to a so portrayed imaginary hyperreality; a realm of magic. Subconscious is portrayed on the right, conscious on the center and ideal self on the left. Again, the process of self-realization and transformation is established in the piece. The image is as well associated with a dreamcatcher, protecting the character from the fears the present holds.

How has the rise in popularity of Instagram impacted the way you create?

Instagram has helped me a lot when it comes to self-promotion and as well has aided me on creating strong connections with other figures as well. One of the things I do not like about IG, especially as I’m a new artist and don’t have that much influence on the platform, is its algorithm, as it only shows my posts to 10% of my followers.

Introducing digital artist, Sirio Berati in our series of Printi interviews to provide an in depth look into creative individuals design processes.

InĀ this piece, we can see how the same cultures go along together, even though not as a part of a choice. Different from the Creation of Adam, in this piece three rather than two hands, are presented, challenging the historical concept of Michelangelo, where the third hand becomes an obstacle for cultural integration.

What adviceĀ would you give to those starting a new project or struggling to find inspiration?

There are plenty of artists out there. Do some reasearch, follow what you love, create a theme and be unique.

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