Creating an Animatograph with Sirio Berati

Sirio Berati gives us his tips for creating our own animatograph, his latest project, which consists of an animated photograph.

When we last spoke with Sirio, he had been working on a project consisting of a series of photographs depicting self-identity. He has recently debuted a new project on social media that he calls “animatographs.” Not only are animatographs super cool, but they are also a beneficial aspect to any content marketing strategy.

What is an animatograph?

An animatograph is an animated photograph, though not to be confused with a cinemagraph. Animatographs are a single photograph that is animated as opposed to an animated series of photographs or video recording.

Animatographs. This is what I call them. Why? Because I simply turn images to moments. What animatographs are not? They are not cinemagraphs. Why? Cinemagraphs capture the moments in a camera in the form of a video. A still frame is then selected, masking out sections of the video. Animatographs are still photographs which are simply animated. They don’t have a video base.

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LISTEN TO THIS ON YOUR EARPHONES (8D AUDIO) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hey ya guys, so this is my very first #animatograph. Lol, yes imma call them so as literally the source it’s simply a still photograph which I edit, animate and bring to life later. More of these coming in the future. This animatograph is a collab between me and @shane_michael_photography. Check her page out, its amazing. The model, a trivial element, as you understand their importance when you lack one: @hollyseesstars. This outcome is as well a submission to #litffa contest. Hope I’ll get a place lol. Also I’m extremely frustrated that you cannot upload a video with a stereo audio through an iOS device, while u can with androids. In order to have the 8D experience you need stereo audio, therefore I had to upload this vid through a third party, so, as ALWAYS, the resolution went down. The actual one is pretty HD. Check the IGTV for a better resolution. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #taintedmag #solarcollective #shootfilmonmondays #shootfilmmag #imaginarymagnitude #phroommagazine #phroom #gominimalmag #etczine #pellicolamag #photocinematica #dreamermagazine #artclassified #theanalogclub #heatercentral #expofilm #moodygrams #featuremeofh #pursuitofportraits @portraitsfusion #portraitsfusion #pmgridchallenge #bravopost #artofvisuals #themysterypr0ject #bleachmyfilm #portraitfeed #portraitvision_ @thecreatorclass @indiependentmag #portraitpage @theportraitpr0ject @adobe @sonyportraits @creative_portraits @visualambassadors @themysterypr0ject @instagram

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How was the animatograph born?

@jamtuna and my passion for videography. I always want to bring something new. I’m never exhausted from experimenting and I will do so until I’m sure I am my own unique artist.

Collaborating with the likes of Swapnil Junjare, Puji Nawawi, and Shane Michael, Sirio is constantly expanding his portfolio.

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A collab between me an @pfaisaln. What do you guys thinks bout this one? Also, fun fact, soundtrack is from The Ring/Samara lol. Would you like to have one of these? DM me for prices. – – – #cinemagraph @creative_portraits #creative_portraits #bleachmyfilm @boohooaus @gramslayers #gramslayers #moodyports @moodyports #sombresociety #aovportraits #globe_visuals #adobe #doports #artofvisuals @do.ports @filmtronic #pursuitofportraits @pursuitofportraits @boohoo #creative_portraits #theuniversalar #artofvisuals #vojarmy #edit_gram #flowers #pr0ject_uno #bleachmyfilm #pmgridchallenge #discoveredit #portraits_mf @depthobsessed @portraitsfusion @portraitsfromtheworld #art #ps_eerie #manipulationteam #sombrebeings #humanedge #animatograph

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How to make your own animatographs

Invest in video editing software

Make sure you have a video editing software such as final cut pro or premiere.

Adobe Creative Cloud offers high-quality editing software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and much more.

Check out 20 of the Best Graphic Design Software Options for a variety of editing tools.

Get creative

Take a creative picture.

The first step to an animatograph is getting a creative image. Considering that you will be doing quite a bit of editing to create the animation, make sure you capture a unique scene.

Establish your background

Make sure that there’s something going on in the background.

When composing the scene you want to photograph, keep in mind which elements you want to animate. Ensure you capture them in the background so that you can easily create an animation that flows.

Utilize your editing tools

Go to photoshop and edit the picture the best possible and creative way you can think of.

Mask out the object that you want to animate and export them as a png on a transparent canvas.

Import both of the pictures on your editing software and animate them by moving them around.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth tutorial on Sirio’s YouTube channel!

Don’t give up

“You’ll get there! Nothing is impossible!”

Check out Sirio’s work online

Instagram: @sirio
Youtube: Sirio Berati

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